During the sign up process you will search and select up to 8 interests, passions or beliefs. The interests you choose will be the same interests you use to connect with other users and view topic related content.

To stop you falling into ‘traps’ and looking at harmful content, Arbuah will block specific interests and topics that are deemed detrimental to your mental health and well-being such as ‘self-harm’ and ‘suicide’.



The interests page is where you will be able to see the various posts, pictures, boomerangs, soundbites, music, reviews and videos posted from other users who have the same interests as you.

Unlike other social media apps instead of ‘just looking around and seeing what’s popular or what’s trending’, you will see content on the interests you have selected. No specific users content is at the top, no one is trending or favoured. When you connect with someone, it’s based on the pre-requisite that you have a common interest. This creates a healthier mindset and a positive relationship with the app. 

Arbuah will have no in- app advertising by social media influencers. On social media, influencers are paid to advertise products they don’t necessarily believe in. This is incredibly deceiving and when a user sees an ad and shells out money to emulate the lifestyle of an influencer, they pay the price and can enter into a cycle of disappointment, low-self esteem and mental- health issues. Arbuah does not support this and we put the users well-being first and will ban all influencers from advertising products on our app. 


When you click on a post, you have the option whether to connect to the user that posted it, message the user or save that users post to your private (or public) board.

Unlike any other social media app we don’t show likes and views on content. Comments are hidden as standard unless you change it in settings. When researching other apps it is common that when a user doesn't get enough likes/views on their content, they will delete it, we have also seen that comments on social media can drive a user to alter their physical appearance, to self-harm and even take their own life. Users will consistently check their likes and views and its unhealthy, the focus isn’t on the content they post but the validation that comes from it and on Arbuah, we don’t give the users that option.

Users of Arbuah have the option to have a scroll down profile. When you visit another users profile you will see an edge to edge full screen cover photo or video with the users name and bio.

On Arbuah, the user comes first. We use edge to edge screens to draw importance to that.

We want to disrupt what is believed to be normal  with a social media app profile page. We’ve broken the profile into 2 parts. The first part is a full screen edge to edge showcase all about the user where they can put themselves, their work or a video.


The second part of the profile will show your real name, location and all your interests. Arbuah will encourage you to upload the things that matter most to you and let you upload photos, videos, boomerangs, stories, emoji’s, songs, reviews, and more.

Arbuah will actively choose not to fuel insecurity and users receiving validation from others by publicly removing the number of friends & followers a user has. We no longer want the focus to be on numbers, we want every connection to count.

A user will be encouraged to upload photos that haven’t been manipulated or filtered. If a user has uploaded manipulated content, the Arbuah watermark border will be placed around it. People, in particular women are bombarded with images that attempt to pass off edited content as the norm. This practice is contributing to people with poor body image, a lack of confidence, and an over-specific conception of what the ideal body ought to entail.


Arbuah understand a user’s wellbeing comes first and we’ll encourage you to spend a healthy amount of time on the app. Users will be able to customise the Arbuah app to give them morning alarm notifications, personal usage alerts as well as set reminders within the app to receive notifications from us. 

Arbuah wants to ensure you are having the best start to your day. When you have subscribed to receiving notification posts about topics you are passionate about, and an approved user has uploaded an article of interest, Arbuah will send you a notification where you can swipe to read more. 


When you read an article, you then have the option to upload your own, swipe to read more or go back and read other news headlines or topics. 

We want our users to express themselves. We want Arbuah to be a place where users and journalists can write material that means something. The current social media apps don’t allow you to do that. On current apps, articles or empowerments go under a photo as part of the ‘description’. On Arbuah users can publish content and encourage one another giving users a positive platform.

This is an app that’s purely based on connecting with people who have the same interests, passions and beliefs as you. No likes, no followers, no comments. No in-app advertising by influencers. Just real connections. With your mental well-being put first, you get to be who you are and connect with others who are like you.


Visit Arbuah on a desktop to view screens

This part of the sign up process is where the user gets to ask themselves 'who am I' or 'who do I want o be'. Current social media apps focus more on signing a user up and having them upload their content but Arbuah wants all posts to be intentional. When you choose your interests you put yourself first and feel less inclined to  upload content that will benefit everyone else.